Viva Alpaca Farm (Kembuchi Town, Kamikawa County)

Kembuchi town, in northern Hokkaido has a homespun alpaca farm. Its HP is here.
Entrance fee 600 JPY seemed a little bit expensive, but once we entered to the farmhouse, its first impression was gone away.

Friendly alpacas came close to us repeatedly.

Farm staff kindly taught us enough about alpacas as follows.

-They originate from Andes, but now most of them have been bred in northern America, not south.
-They get lonely quite easily. If kept alone, they feel sick immediately, sometimes fatal.
-Their fur is not covered by oil totally. So they seldom smell unlike sheep or horses.
-They look heavy with their thick fur, but not in fact. Even adult males weigh 50 kg at a maximum.
Following is before-and-after of shearing picture.

This is the youngest boy, “Choco”, born in September 2018.

So cute…but his charm only works for human. He is sometimes shoved by other seniority.
Whenever he gets trouble, his mother “Kira” hurries to the fence that divides male and female area.

Parental affection seems common among all the creatures… but his father “Paru” pays no glance at all when “Choco” is getting bullied. According to the staff, males have no interest in nurturing…
Of course male and female live separated. The staff also explained the fights between males were fierce but the ones of females were also not to overlook.
“How females fight?”
“Spit each other endlessly”
…want to see it.

Local children’s visit excites alpacas with expects of feeding.
In summer you can enjoy a tea time with a great panoramic view at the summit, or air board-ski in winter.
Please let us recant our 1st impression. This facility is a good value for the price!


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