Lake Shikaribetsu and Nukabira (Kato County)

Lake Shikaribetsu is the highest lake  (altitude of 810 meters) in Hokkaido.

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You are supposed to take prefectural road 85 from lake Shikaribetsu to lake Nukabira Via Horoshika pass. After going through the pass, numerous winding bends are waiting for you boom-boom-boom…

As judged from these pictures easily, this road is closed for winter.

…finally reached at lake Nukabira with motion sickness.

From the train museum of Kami-Shihoro town, you can walk 8 km long path to Taushubetsu bridge columns remains. This path traces ex JR Shihoro line that has been demolished since 1987.
Of course why not try?, but…

…I could not go forward after watching these cautions…
So I paid each short visit at each spot along the path by driving a car on the main road beside.

…and at last, got to the entrance to “Taushubetsu bridge columns observatory”.

Just only 180 meter ? Please turn your visual line to the next…

One of the most thrilling 180 meters in my life!

and reached at the observatory without any trouble. In October when I visited there, because of the increase of the water level, ancient ruins-like bridge columns were invisible. But lake Nukabira itself was quite beautiful.


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