Yama No (Northern freshwater fishes’) Aquarium (Kitami City)

An aquarium that stands next to “Northern Fox Ranch“. This facility specializes in exhibiting freshwater creatures, and you can see ITOU (Sakhalin taimen or Japanese huchen) closely here.

Entrance fee is 670 JPY for adults.

Just after through the entrance, you find yourself surrounded by huge transparent glass wall and ceiling that provides natural light and scenery of numberless fishes are dancing.

In this “four seasons aquarium” part, you can see the current outside through the glass. In winter this current is covered up by ice, and you can see the cut off view of the world under it.
And this aquarium is characterized by “relaxed” explanations. For example, following line-like description about trout…

…is written by slang only. I guess elderly generations cannot understand it at all.

An explanation about “mock crab” in above picture says…

“I ate the crab in my friend’s house”…no longer explains anything (lolol)

This RPG-like description at the salamander’s part says it was caught and eaten at last…
But we can read casually  this kind of explanation rather than “serious” one.

ITOU is the largest freshwater species in Japan. And is in red list. From its point of view, we can say this aquarium plays a very important role.

After watching ITOU, you approach the place of “tropical fishes”.

How hard is it to rear tropical species in this cold Hokkaido?  Through a trial and error process for a long period, the staffs finally found that hot spring “Onsen” in this area was the most appropriate water to keep them alive. Good story, isn’t it? But this aquarium never flaunts it.
Instead of showing the moving story, they show us how to catch the colossoma, one of the biggest fishes in Amazon river, by using males’groin…

This comic-like explanation may tell about shrimp… maybe (lol)

If you understand Japanese, I totally recommend to visit this aquarium.


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