Northern Fox Ranch (Kitami City)

Northern (Ezo red) foxes-quite common animal for locals- are attractive object for travelers. But to touch them sometimes threaten their life due to the possibility of infection of “echinococcosis”.
So to feed or touch them has been prohibited. However if you want to come close to foxes, you better visit here, Fox Ranch, in Rubeshibe district, Kitami city.

Looks closing…

…and looks B-grade destination.
Entrance fee is 500 JPY. Please do not forget that discount ticket can be obtained at TIC near the ranch.

This caution says please care for your belonging.

Step into the ranch…what a view! So many cute foxes!(^^)

Just beside the entrance, there was a baby foxes’ nursery.
Of course you must not touch them even in this ranch. However the foxes here are relatively get used to humans, so some of them follow you!

And this souvenir shop is also superb. For example, this carving. Over million JPY!

No offense, I don’t intend to be skeptical about its quality. But who brings this huge amount of money with him in this credit card unusable shop??
This bear is sold at 850,000 JPY.

And stuffed sea lion, one and quarter million yen! How you bring back if (if) you buy it?

Souvenir shop is free of charge. You can spend enjoyable time here more than your expectation.


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