The 3rd Uryu River Bridge (Horokanai Town)

An old green bridge constructed in 1931 is coming to your sight suddenly when you take National route 275 heading north.
45 meter long truss bridge and its stone piers imported from UK looks well-blended in with their environment around over many years.

To span a bridge over this Uryu river was said to be the most difficult part to accomplish the construction of Shinmei Line.
Due to heavy stream, they could not scaffold under the surface of the river. And it became the 1st case to take cable erection method.

The leader of this big project was Mr. WATANABE Yoshio, he was only 29 years old at that time. The very last day of its construction for three years, swelling torrent by melting snow swallowed him.
A memorial stela in the wood tells us the tremendous work of Mr. WATANABE.

This bridge finally constructed in exchange for the life of a young engineer has supported the operation of local trains for 64 years…


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