Former Numaushi Station Remains (Horokanai Town)

During strolling in the path along Soba fields, we happened to find this station remains.
When JR Shinmei Line was abolished in Sep. 1995, they did away with this station, too. To tell the truth, at that stage the station had been already half-rusted and collapsed.
But in 2016, local volunteers gathered appropriate woods and materials from another abandoned station and renovated this station building as it had been in good old days.

Soba field after all…

Like keeping with the abolishing of the station, the settlement around is now almost deserted.

…and this path is highly recommended. Even after the rail of JR Shinmei Line was removed, its base filled with numberless ballasts has been kept unchanged. Now it is used as a local path with the line of white birch trees. Splendid scenery is easy available.

This station has been kept in uncommon way…renovated after abolished. You may feel the thought of local folks to this station…


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