Tougeshita Station (Rumoi City)

Ahead west from Ebishima station, crossing the pass (=border), and then entered to Rumoi City, you can see landscape of rice fields. Here is the northern limit for rice production. Scenery around here looks like the one of Tohoku region.

And Soba fields. In 70’s, when cultivation of rice is about to get on the right truck after longtime struggling by original generations of migrants, they were urged to change crops according to the rice acreage reduction policy by the government at that era. And Soba was chosen as alternative because it grows well where temperature difference between day and night is large, and is not getting warm even in mid-daytime by the shelter of fog. Now these area especially Horokanai town, the amount of Soba production has turned to the 1st in Japan. Soba flowers paints up white all over the sights in mid summer.

Tougeshita station. The letter of “JR” seems not to suit the size of the building…

Because this board was originally attached on the side of the funnel of “Seikan Renrakusen (train ferry that connected between Hakodate and Aomori)”

Inside the station.


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