Lake Komuke and “undisclosed” path (Mombetsu City)

Lake Komuke in Monbetsu city is famous for blooming wildflowers in summer and coral grass covering up the whole lake, from where wild birds leaves for Siberia in autumn…and then, you can enjoy impressive view from the hidden path, that has not been introduced by even Google Map at this stage.
From Mimuro Banya (map①), you are not supposed to get back the same way but to take the dirt path along the sea of Okhotsk.
Take care of driving on a windy day because plenty of sand pile up the road.

You can see the sea right and the lake and the pasture left. Only the sound of the wave and wind vibrate your eardrum. No transport. You can monopoly this landscape.

Proceed to the direction of north. See your Google map, and feel nervous? No problem, narrow but the road suitable for cars is there.

At the bridge (map③), inhale the scent of summer!

At the farm (map④), you can see the cows outside.


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