Mombetsu Camp Site (Mombetsu City)

At the specific grass field plot of the premises of Taiyo Bokujo (Farm), Mombetsu city, will be opened as a camp site in July 2019.
You are basically supposed to set up your own tent or park your car at the least cost of 300 JPY plus additional on request.
In case you bring nothing, Nordisk’s newest models and relevant gears are rented by advance reservation. You can enjoy “glamping in Hokkaido” from the cost of 2,500 JPY per person only.

Bath is made from a drum can in which you put water and boil yourself by the firewood. Toilet is composting type. Electricity is by solar. Of course NON-wifi-free! Please enjoy the primitive life here.
Feeding cows and milking experience is free. Taiyo farm produces so-called “grass fed” milk. You can make a butter with charge from these milk that tastes rich and wild.

Butter making is required a reservation. You must be surprised at its taste and scent those are quite different from those of the marketed productions.


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