Abandoned House (Takinoue Town)

Approx. 5 km drive from Taiyo Farm to the center of Takinoue town via route 302 and 932, an abandoned house standing very alone is coming into the sight.

“Little house on the Prairie” in Hokkaido, literally.

A pair of “Yezo” deers were coming close tentatively, As I turned my camera, they escaped immediately.

Absolutely no house seen around. Absolute silence but the murmur of the river Shokotsu that is carried on the wind intermittently.
After 700m walking along the unpaved path via route 932 takes you to Kaimei Bridge, where you can see swift stream of the river.

Only a little detour off national route 273, the main road between Asahikawa and Okhotsk towns shows you another attractive view.


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