“Sorry” Workshop (Koubou) (Shimokawa Town)

“Sorry” workshop was established in Shimokawa Town by two female transplants from Tohoku region. Lotion, soap, and tea made from organic herbs are dealt.

Its direct sales shop “Cossoto Hut”. The naming of “Cosotto” is after Japanese “kosotto” that means “secretly” or “sneakingly”(but NO bad image). Literally this shop is opened during mid-daytime on Sunday and Monday only. Solar array panels and a wood stove make this small hut a complete off-grid house.

The owner of this workshop herself has been suffered from atopic dermatitis, and has made lotions herself since her childhood. This experience taught her some commercialized products contained substances that were against the real healing for her skin.

So she and her colleague decided to set up the business of “cultivating organic herbs themselves in their own field, manufacturing products themselves from those herbs without using any additives in their own workshop, and then sell the products themselves in their own shop”. They take responsibility for all the processes.

They also make soap from milk produced at INOUE FARM.
They say “we have begged for plenty of helps from plenty of people on way of setting up business, and will. We should not forget the words of “thank you” and “sorry” to them. This is the reason we gave this workshop a strange name”
If you are interested in this shop and its products, please click here.


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