Snow Trekking at Oyama (Mombetsu City)

Mombetsu has a famous ski resort with the 334 meter tall Mt.Oyama at its beginning you can see below the landscape of the city center and spread-out drift ice over the sea of Okhotsk beyond while the downhill…

…however, NTFT introduces not this major spot but almost unknown and untouched trekking routes available only in winter here.
Start walking from the south side of the parking and traverse a fun-bobsled course of the ski resort.

This is the entrance of the trekking paths. If I was alone, must have overlooked…

Snowshoes are required from here. You can borrow them from Mombetsu Sports Assoc.(0158-24-7016) in case advanced reservation done well. Or you can buy them at DIY store nearby with the cost of approx. 3,000 JPY only if cheap ones are OK with you.

My friend Mr.”M” guided me. In summer wild grasses cover this whole slope too thick to enter, and the possibility to meet bears cannot be igonored. But in winter this area turns into an appropriate site to trek.

Mr. M, who trekks this area almost every morning, takes off the well-beaten course many times freely. But as the picture indicates as follow, Mr. M and his company ties red tapes around the trees along the basic course. So you do not need to worry about to lose your way.

Even if you get lost, there is a huge ski slope just beside the course all the time. This kind of place where you can feel isolated just after ten minutes’ walk from the center of city is easy to find in Hokkaido. We looked back and could see the ski resort, downtown of Mombetsu, and drift ice on the sea!

We show you the traces of animals (Sorry for smartphone users). At first, the big ones by a marten.

A pair of traces side by side in front, and back and forth in back. This footprint is by a wild rabbit.

Wild mice are targeted by owls, so their trace looks hurrying up.

North foxes make one-lined traces.

You can see the bunch of “Kabanoanatake” in circle? This is called as “Diamond in the wood” after its super value as a ingredient. This amount may make you able to buy a second-hand truck.

Rest time. Mr. M kindly brought me a pot of ginger tea. It penetrated into tired body…

A big tree of Katsura was hewn down to make a fishing boat several decades ago. From its stub other nursery plants are growing, that makes a hiding place for wild mice.

A big tree of elm. Barks dotted around were results of Yezo-squirrels playing or woodpeckers picking insects.

From the entrance to the goal, Okhotsk Sky Tower, it takes one hour and half to climb up, and 30 minutes v.v. From the tower you can enjoy 360 degree spectacular view.


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