Clione Quest at Cape Ryuhyo (Mombtsu City)

How and where you can take cliones? They say the answer is the beach along the sea of Okhotsk in winter.

…and we came here, Cape Ryuhyo, where is the famous for numerous cliones to be taken among locals.

West wind from the mountains has brought drift ice far off the shore, and little remains have melted in sherbet due to high temperature on that day (-3℃). This circumstances make cliones loaf around freely, and make it hard to take them. Anyway we prepared the devices for this hunt.

A glass bottle bought at 100 Yen-shop, and a tiny toil. That’s all.

Stepped into the sea…

…and scooped water into the bottle. The color of the mixture of ice and sea water is quite impressive but no cliones are visible at least.

This drift ice brought by sudden wave hit my shin. It was a brunt like the low-kick by a Muay-Thai player. And while the quest, sea water invated over my boots. You guess I felt “so cold”? Not that! I thought as if my extremities got sliced off.

This day was not the day. But you can see plenty of cliones that have been taken here in the Museum of GIZA, Mombetsu.


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