“Wild Meat” Slaughtering Center (Nishiokoppe Village)

Please note several pictures of dead wild animals appear below. Those who doesn’t want to see them are not supposed to proceed this page. And because this center is not so-called “sightseeing site”, please avoid visiting this center without right reasons. (Please understand we do not pin the point to the map above.)

At some place in Nishiokoppe village, “Wild Meat” slaughtering center stands. This is literally a facility that butchers wild animals.

This cage says “thigh meat of bears”.

Usually deers’ meat is far from our reach, “Wild Meat” is a registered center that products processed meat. You can buy them easily in Nishiokoppe village.

When I visited this center, one female deer was on the way of being slaughtered. In a cycling event held in Mombetsu in Sep.2019, participants are entitled to take these meats.

Adequate exsanguination after peeling before slaughtering process deodorizes the meat.

Left organs, skull, and skins are going to be disposed. We Japanese say “itadakimasu” before meal, and this word originally means “I humbly receive (lives)”. Looking at this scene, we can’t help pondering deeply its meaning…

Mr.Nakahara, CEO of this center is quite attractive person. He also represents “Nishiokoppe Wildlife Association” that actively holds hunter experience schools or eco-tours. Part of these tours, you may get into this “Wild Meat” to slaughter your prey. If you are interested, visit Nishiokoppe!
One of Nakahara’s hunting companies gave me meats of deers. Following picture shows a scene of cooking them.

Fresh smell accompanies fresh meat.


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