Setose Hot Spring (Engaru Town)

At the intersection of National Route 333 and Prefectural Road 493, head south along the later via “Engaru Setose IC”, the present last IC of Asahikawa-Mombetsu Highway.

(1)Abandoned Settlement

About 2km and plus away from the intersection, you get to a whole abandoned settlement where several houses used to be there.

Like a case in Nakatonbetsu Town we posted the other day, sorrow of not only disappearance of one house but those of a whole local community is beyond words. On this 9km long way from the intersection to Setose Hot Spring, you meet more deserted houses…

(2)Setose Hot Spring

I managed to reach at the spring in the deep forest. No reception, of course. Admission fee is 500 JPY as of Dec.,2018.

Lobby and bathhouse are filled with 70’s atmosphere.

This old scale shows your weight by kg or pond? No…Kan(貫)!, unit of weight in prewar Japan.

No sauna nor open air bath. Only one bathtub indoor is available. This Onsen is not suitable for those who seeks luxury facilities but for who wants unspoiled laid-back public bath.

The temperature of this spring is kept at 43°c at all times of the year. In other words, this hot water is not boiled nor diluted artificially like other springs encountered in many of Japan’s rest resorts.


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