Onishi Pond Wetlands (Oumu town)

(1)Onishi Pond Wetlands

A monument to the horses that have literally dedicated their lives to the developement of Hokkaido for centuries.

Very huge wetlands spread out in the south of the pond. If it was in Yokohama city, numerous souvenir shops or accommodations must be packed around. But this is Hokkaido, less populated and more blessed place with the bounty of nature, you cannot find a observatery nor even a parking.

(2)Dosanko Ranch

You can meet many Dosankos at the ranch near the wetlands. Their chubby figures to cope with the severe coldness of this region, in contrast to those of thoroughbred horses, are quite endearing.

Curious one was approaching.

(3)Abandoned House near the Wetlands

(4)Abandoned Silo near the Wetlands


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