Ruins of Railway Bridges (Okoppe Town)

(1)Ruins of Omushari Bridge

Near the border to Mombetsu City on the way of Route 238 (Okhotsk Way), ruins of a railway bridge that was abolished on May 1, 1989 is there over Omushari Pond between old Tomioka station and old Shokotsu station (Both were also abolished on the same day).

Fallopia japonica, artemisia, and other withered weeds forms a jungle. In summer I came here but was unable to proceed more. Now in winter, I could go forward despite of piled snow.

…and reached at the remains. Rail was already removed away but the bridge itself has been well preserved.

I walked slowly, not imagining a situation if I fell…

and looked back to the pond. Typical winter “Hokkaidiatic” scenery came to my eyes!

(2)Ruins of Mokoppe River Bridge

Only the sound of the wind and passing cars through the “living” bridge nearby breakes silence.

I hope these transportation heritages of Hokkaido will survive for future generations.


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