Tiny Stations of Sassho Line (Tsukigata & Urausu Town, Kabato County)

Sassho Line starts Sapporo station, but now all the services except only ONE round-trip ends up at Ishikari-Tobetsu station or Hokkaido Iryo-Daigaku station on the way. Further part from the later will be abolished in 2019. In other words, following landscapes with a rail and stations are going to be “the lost scenery” within a few years.

(1)Toyogaoka Stations

A representative “isolated” station of whole Japan rather than of Sassho Line. You see a very tiny wooden platform in the distance?

From Route 12, take a primitive path according to a small indication. No information else at all.

The station house appears suddenly. It is wise to avoid visiting by large car.

Contrary to its appearance, inside of the station house is kept clean and the notebook of visitors is set well.

The indication that says “Platform No.1” looks a joke.

(2)Sappinai Station

A station house about to collapse and a public toilet of too much solid construction.

Only some warehouses are there in front of the station.

All the donated books are Manga.

(3)Osokinai Station

Osokinai means “cliff overhung riverside” in Ainu words.

Right side in front of the station is nothing there but a few deserted houses, and a solar power plant on the left. One of the typical landscapes in Hokkaido NOW.

Donated books in this station is the series of “The tale of the Heike”. Who could read this saga here?

(4)Satteki station

The name of Satteki is after “Sattekunai”, that means “dried-up creek” in Ainu word.

This station has no sign nor indication at all. Please see the following picture. The small building I thought a shed of the house right was a station of Satteki.

(5)Osatsunai Station

A deserted house near the station.

The place of this station also I managed to get to. No sign of course. And there was a very small space enough for one car only. Please refrain from having a get-together here.

This indication represents the present condition of JR Hokkaido.

I happened to see the only one train service a day is coming.

(6)Jinnai Farm 21

One way from Osatsunai station to Jinnai Farm, you see an abandoned house.

Who, how, and why put the sofa on the joist?

You can enjoy the view of colored trees on the way to the farm in autumn.

…and then, of Sorachi Plain from this 240 hectares farm.

A row of vacation rentals. If you come back here drunk, you may open the door of another.


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