Sakuraoka District (Asahikawa City)

As the same as the rest of rural Japan, here in Asahikawa, the second largest city in Hokkaido, they are suffering from depopulation. On the other hand, Sakuraoka District, the suburbs of this big local city new culture is on the way of progressing.

(1)Deserted House in front of Sakuraoka Station

Abandoned photo studio. JR Sakuraoka station is seen in the left.

(2)Remains of a chimney at abandoned brick factory

South side of the station. Deep forest, deserted houses, and the “sound of silence” are all you can see or feel.

Only one chimney has been left in the wilderness since the brick factory was closed due to the decreasing demand for those in post-war era.

(3)Abandoned Houses

(4)Clark Horse Garden

You can experience horse riding here at a moderate cost (about 10% cheaper than the average of whole Hokkaido). Not far from “Asahiyama Zoo”, how about dropping in here on way to/from the zoo?(Reservation is Must)Cafe is also with atmosphere.

You may feel like traveling in deep southwest of States…or Mongol?

(5)Abandoned House

(6)Sakuraoka Architect Office

A famous architect lives in this hoffice. If you make a reservation in advance, you can go inside of this house.

Reservoirs for farming dot around. Rare scenary in Hokkaido.

You can spend all day here, not far from Asahikawa airport and Asahiyama Zoo. Any other attractive shops are also available.


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