Restaurant “MORENA” and Gomi Hot Spring (Shimokawa Town)

(1)Restaurant “MORENA”

When we visited Sanru Dam the other day, we glanced at this restaurant from a moving car but it looked a little bit hard to casually drop in, so passed by. Today I park here and enter!

A quite favorable dog comes to me and begs me a play. This restaurant is actually friendly, too?

OK, lets go inside.

…its dining room is filled with peaceful atmosphere.

The amount of complaisance of this cat is estimated one-fiftieth of those of the dog outside. But it is no doubt one of attractive aspects of cats.

These paintings are drawn by this restaurant’s owner.

You can take a look freely this pile of diaries and photo albums recorded by the owner who bumed around the world decades ago.

After coming back to this country, he traveled around Japan next with a hand-made camiping car and his wife, then he started to settle here, Shimokawa Town about 30 years ago.
He built up the house by himself and opened a curry restaurant with the the recipe he had learned while staying in India.

Very delicious…it costs under 1,000 JPY. I conclude this restaurant is NOT fishy.

(2)Gomi Hot Spring

4km south from the center of Shimokawa Town, Gomi spring (onsen) is there. 400 JPY for adults. This onsen is rare carbonated spring.

Sauna, open-air bath, and the drinking corner of the carbonated water are available.
To spend overnight here is possible, but how about staying at “Mikuwa House“?

Eco-friendly house using sunlight and wooden chips is comfortable to stay even in mid winter.

You can rent whole this house for astonishing reasonable fee. Hurrah for the effort of Shimokawa Town!


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